Precocious, a comic by Christopher J Paulsen


This section is for all the fun things that sneak onto the site over time. It'll have downloads for wallpapers, the remnants of promotions and events, bonus art and sketches, guest strips and whatever wonders the mind can imagine. In future tense, life is always awesome. You can't *prove* I won't be king of the universe in a few years. AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE! For the present, however, we go with what we have...


Precocius wallpaper 1

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Presenting the first Precocious wallpaper! Someone has clearly thrown a rock at the hornet nest known as Suzette - I'm looking at you, Tiffany! - and now all must suffer the consequences.

Precocius wallpaper 2

1600x1200 | 1920x1200

This was the alternate sketch for Family Webcomics (look below) and I turned it into a wallpaper on a whim. Note the major recycling of material!

Precocius wallpaper 3

1600x1200 | 1920x1200

In honor of fans voting me into the lower upper tiers of votings sites, I provide this wallpaper!

The Precocious Sonata!

How's this for the second-ever piece of Precocious fan art? The amazing Daniel Distelle composed this amazing theme for Precocious, and I am still awestruck by its beauty and his generosity. It took me weeks to work up this post purely because I could not find the proper words to express my thanks. I still can't, but it's better to fail and words and SHARE THE AWESOME MUSIC than fail at words and let genius go unappreciated. The subtitle of the piece is very Precocious = "Everyone is a moon, we all have a dark side."

Here's an mp3 version if you can't play the other file.

Fan Art

Jimmy Miz fan art

This amazing piece of fan art comes from Jimmy Misanthrope, creator of the great comic Agents of the Endtimes. Don't the characters look so cool with his style. Dude can draw!

Webcomicritic fan art

My first fan art! This one comes from The WebcomiCritic, who *also* provided me with my first ever review. Gotta say, that would be the standard reaction to extras! (And I think we can all agree that Jacob needs a giant cartoon hammer - more for defense, though!)

Bonus sketches

Obama Hope sketch

Pardon the politics, but this was the first sketch used as a placeholder while I got the strip ready for its launch.

vote! sketch

Guess when this sketch appeared! No matter what your cause is, democracy relies upon an informed electorate. Go out, learn and vote for the candidate that matches your the best!

Chrispmas 2008 sketch

Now that I'm done with politics, I thought I'd introduce some blasphemy. Righteous! Chrispmas is a holiday for those who want to *enjoy* the holiday season instead of stressing all the way through it. You have from December 8th to March 24th to give your Chrispmas gifts, allowing you plenty of time to find the perfect one! If now, whatevs, the deadline is flexible. Give your gift when you get it, allowing the giftee to have maximum enjoyment time - and hopefully preventing them for going out and getting it themselves before you give. Best. Holiday. Ever.

Other fun stuff!

Family Webcomics art

The awesome Family Webcomics asked for front page art. This was my contribution.

Autumn in colored pencil

This was a test to compare digital coloring with colored pencil. Maybe I'll do a colored pencil wallpaper in the future. It's my happy medium.

Strips from 2007 and 2009

What a difference two years make! The top is from my very first attempt at Precocious - a story about the Pingos first touring the house they'd eventually purchase, which was only for me to cut my teeth and not meant for the eyes of others - and the bottom is a strip drawn almost exactly two years later. Bud's family, as always, is questionable. Everything else might change, but they'll always be weird and ususally absent.